acting/ thinking in complexity” competency in individual and collective reflexive portfolio as an active learning tool for eco-engineers

This image is a capture of portfolio production of the students at the Mastère spécialisé Eco-Ingénierie, at Toulouse-INP University, Toulouse, France
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an interdisciplinary graduate program aiming at fostering sustainable engineering

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Rather than using expert competencies, we have defined generic ones: agility, ethics, mediation, systemic, psychological engagement, interdisciplinarity and ... Acting/thinking in Complexity


What could be better for a complex conmpetency than a complex exercise, namely implementing into a non-formatted portfolio a reflexive approach about the eco-engineer's job?


This teaching module has been engineered and is currently taught by a team of motivated people: Vincent Gerbaud (corresponding author:, Stephan Astier, Julia Hidalgo, Jean Yves Rossignol, Roman Teisserenc


It has been developped with the help of people from educational science (C. Michaud), consultant (A. Peyre) and from the university staff working on pedagogy and active learning (J. Huez, V. Pivon) to help us in the "REFLET project" to improve that course over the year




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